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Flexible BedWars plugin, formerly coded as a replacement for BedwarsRel.
Supported versions: [1.8.8 - 1.19.2], recommended versions: [1.17.1/1.18.2].


If you need any help, you can contact us on Discord. Make sure to read this documentation, the servers' rules and the FAQ's before asking for support.

If you find any bugs, feel free to report it into GitHub issues, we will look into it.


  • All the basics of BedWars game (Beds, Teams and so on)
  • Other BedWars variants: CakeWars/EggWars/AnchorWars
  • Shop that supports multi-shop per arena!
  • BungeeCord
  • Vault rewards
  • Spectator mode (now, spectators can join running game!)
  • Arena rebuilding (Incredibly quick!)
  • BossBar or XP bar in lobby countdown or with game time
  • Breakable (those are refreshing after arena rebuild) / ignored blocks
  • SpecialItems (RescuePlatform, TNTSheep and so on) - they can be configured in shop too!
  • and many more


  • Team selecting GUI
  • Auto coloring items (like armor and so)
  • Resource Spawners (you can have as much as you want)
  • Player statistics
  • and many more

Last update: 2022-11-18