Here is the whole config explained:

locale: en                                    //selects language (language file)
debug: false                                  //(not important)
allow-crafting: false                         //(ability to craft)
keep-inventory-on-death: false                //(keeps items after death)
in-lobby-colored-leather-by-team: true        //(when they pick a team, their leather will be colored depending on what team they chose)
jointeam-entity-show-name: true               //(should the jointeam entity have a visible name?)
friendlyfire: false                           //(ability to hurt team mates)
player-drops: true                            //(item drops on death)
join-randomly-after-lobby-timeout: false      ///automaticly joins remaining players to teams after the timeout
prevent-killing-villagers: true               //(being able/not able to kill the Shop villager)
compass-enabled: true                         //(lobby compass)
join-randomly-on-lobby-join: false            //(join random team on joining)
add-wool-to-inventory-on-join: true           //(lobby wool)
prevent-spawning-mobs: true                   //(mob spawning)
spawner-holograms: true                       //(holo's above spawners)
spawner-disable-merge: true                   //(Maybe: disables items stacking on at spawners)
prevent-lobby-spawn-mobs-in-radius: 16        //(doesnt allow mob spawn in lobby of 16 block radious)
spawner-holo-height: 0.25                     //(height of holo)
spawner-holograms-countdown: true             //(countdown of how log left until resource spawns)
damage-when-player-is-not-in-arena: false     //(when a player is in the same world but has not joines the arena cannot get hurt)
remove-unused-target-blocks: true             //(removes the unused target blocks, like beds from non-occupied team bases)
allow-block-falling: true                     //(e.g. gravel falling)
game-start-items: false                       //(give start items)
player-respawn-items: false                   //(give respawn items)
gived-game-start-items: []                    //(see wiki page for start items)
gived-player-respawn-items: []                //(see wiki page for respawn items)
disable-hunger: false                         //(disables hunger)
automatic-coloring-in-shop: true              //(idk)
sell-max-64-per-click-in-shop: true           //(you can buy 64x in 1 click)
destroy-placed-blocks-by-explosion-except: '' //(blacklist for player placed blocks that dont get destroyed by explosions)
destroy-placed-blocks-by-explosion: true      //(can explosions destroy player placed blocks)
holo-above-bed: true                          //(holo above bed "Protect your Bed!")
allow-spectator-join: false                   //(allows people to join when match is in progress but they are in spectator mode)
disable-server-message:                       //(disables server messages)
  player-join: false
  player-leave: false
respawn-cooldown:                             //(how long it takes to respawn)
  enabled: true
  time: 5
stop-team-spawners-on-die: false             //(when a team gets eliminated, the team spawner stops working)
allowed-commands: []                         //(commands which are allowed to be used while in game (useful for moderation e.g /ban))
change-allowed-commands-to-blacklist: false  //turns the allowed-commands into a blacklist rather then a whitelist.
bungee:                                      //(bungeecord function)
  enabled: false                                //(true/false)                
  serverRestart: true                           //(restart server at the end by running the restart scriqpt configured in ?.yml (This is either bukkit.yml or spigot.yml))
  serverStop: false                             //(stops the server at the end of the game)
  server: hub                                   //(server to send players back to at the end of the game, for game lobbies)
  auto-game-connect: false                      //players join automaticly into the arena. Activates pre-game.
farmBlocks:                                  //(which blocks are allowed to be broken)
  enable: false                                 //(true/false)
  blocks: []                                    //(list the blocks)
scoreboard:                                  //(in-game scoreboeard (basicly non-editable))
  enable: true                                  //(true/false)
  title: §a%game%§r - %time%                    
  bedLost: §c✘
  bedExists: §a✔
  teamTitle: '%bed%%color%%team%'
title:                                       //(team bed destroy message)
  fadeIn: 0                                     //(fade in)
  stay: 20                                      //(how long it stays for)
  fadeOut: 0                                    //(fade out)
items:                                       //(lobby items and some shop items)
  jointeam: COMPASS                             //(team select)
  leavegame: SLIME_BALL                         //(leave arena)
  startgame: DIAMOND                            //(start game. (ADMIN ONLY))
  shopback: BARRIER                             //shop back
  shopcosmetic:                                 //shop cosmetics
    ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
    damage: 7
  pageback: ARROW
  pageforward: ARROW
    ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
    type: WOOL
    damage: 1
vault:                                        //(vault support (economy))
  enable: true                                //(true/false)
    kill: 5                                   //(5 currency on kill)
    win: 20                                   //(20 currency on win)
resources:                                    //(resources used(if added new resources,remember to ))
    material: GOLD_INGOT
    color: GOLD
    name: Gold
    interval: 20
    translate: resource_gold
    spread: 1.0
    material: IRON_INGOT
    color: GRAY
    name: Iron
    interval: 10
    translate: resource_iron
    spread: 1.0
    material: CLAY_BRICK
    color: DARK_RED
    name: Bronze
    interval: 1
    translate: resource_bronze
    spread: 1.0
respawn:                                      //(when respawned, you get invinsablilty)
  protection-enabled: true
  protection-time: 10
specials:                                     //(special items)
  action-bar-messages: true
    is-breakable: false
    delay: 0
    break-time: 10
    distance: 1
    material: GLASS
    is-breakable: false
    delay: 20
    break-time: 0
    width: 5
    height: 3
    distance: 2
    material: SANDSTONE
    speed: 2.0
    follow-range: 10.0
    max-target-distance: 32
    explosion-time: 8
    protection-time: 10
    delay: 5
    teleport-time: 6
    delay: 0
    probability: 75
    speed: 0.25
    follow-range: 10
    health: 20
    name-format: '%teamcolor%%team% Golem'
    show-name: true
    delay: 0
    collidable: false
    turn-all-enderchests-to-teamchests: true 
tnt:                                                      //(tnt settings)
  auto-ignite: false 
  explosion-time: 8
sounds:                                                   //(sounds played when an event happens)
  on_bed_destroyed: ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_GROWL
  on_countdown: UI_BUTTON_CLICK
  on_game_start: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
  on_player_kill: ENTITY_PLAYER_BIG_FALL
  on_item_buy: ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP
  on_respawn_cooldown_wait: UI_BUTTON_CLICK
  on_respawn_cooldown_done: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
game-effects:                                              //(effects when an event happens)
    - ==: Firework
      flicker: false
      trail: false
      - &id001
        ==: Color
        RED: 255
        BLUE: 255
        GREEN: 255
      - *id001
      type: BALL
    power: 1
    type: Firework
  start: {}
  kill: {}
  teamkill: {}
  lobbyjoin: {}
  lobbyleave: {}
  respawn: {}
  beddestroy: {}
  warppowdertick: {}
lobby-scoreboard:                                            //(lobby scoreboard)
  enabled: true
  title: §eBEDWARS
  - ' '
  - '§fMap: §2%arena%'
  - '§fPlayers: §2%players%§f/§2%maxplayers%'
  - ' '
  - §fWaiting ...
  - ' '
statistics:                                                  //(stats settings)
  enabled: true
  type: yaml                                                 //(yaml for local. database for mysql/mariadb)
  show-on-game-end: false
  bed-destroyed-kills: false                                 //(only count kills after team bed is destroyed)
    kill: 10
    die: 0
    win: 50
    bed-destroy: 25
    lose: 0
    record: 100
database:                                                    //(database settings)
  host: localhost
  port: 3306
  db: databse
  user: root
  password: secret
  table-prefix: bw_
bossbar:                                                      //(bossbar settings)
  use-xp-bar: false                                           //( this is for 1.8 cuz bossbar is not available (also can be used in newer versions))
    enable: true
    color: YELLOW
    style: SEGMENTED_20
    enable: true
    color: GREEN
    style: SEGMENTED_20
holograms:                                                    //(hologram settings)
  enabled: true
  headline: Your §eBEDWARS§f stats
chat:                                                         //(chat settings)
  override: true
  format: '<%teamcolor%%name%§r> '
    lobby: false
    game: false
  send-death-messages-just-in-game: true                      //(death messages in arena)
  send-custom-death-messages: true                            //(custom death messages)
  default-team-chat-while-running: true                       //(team chat as default)
  all-chat-prefix: '@a'                                       //(all chat prefix (e.g @a Good game guys! you shredded me lmao))
  team-chat-prefix: '@t'                                      //(team chat prefix (e.g @tRed is attacking us!))
  all-chat: '[ALL] '                                          //(all chat prefix when used (e.g [ALL] <iamceph> GG))
  team-chat: '[TEAM] '                                        //(team chat prefix when used (e.g [ALL] <iamceph> GREEN is in centre!))
  death-chat: '[DEATH] '                                      //(death chat prefix when used (e.g [DEATH] iamceph Died!))
rewards:                                                      //(Reward (VAULT IS REQUIRED))
  enabled: false
  - /example {player} 200
  - /example {player} {score}
  - /example {player} {score}
  - /example {player} 10
  generate-automatically: true
  - '§7Price:'
  - §7%price% %resource%
  - '§7Amount:'
  - §7%amount%
sign:                                                          //(Sign info when Arena Sign has been created)
- §c§l[BedWars]
- '%arena%'
- '%status%'
- '%players%' 
hotbar:                                                        //(lobby hotbar placements)
  selector: 0
  color: 1
  start: 2
  leave: 8
breakable:                                                     //(things that are breakable)
  enabled: false
  asblacklist: false
  blocks: []
leaveshortcuts:                                                //(leave settings)
  enabled: false
  - leave
mainlobby:                                                     //(main lobby settings)
  enabled: false
  location: ''
  world: ''
version: 2