How to make an arena

Step 1 - Get maps

Firstly, get a map which you can use to play BedWars on. Don’t have any maps? Click me for some maps.

Step 2 - Add the arena

Create the arena by doing /bw admin <arena name> add

Step 3 - Set the position

Set the positions of the arena. This is similar to using WorldEdit. To set pos1, do /bw admin <arena name> pos1. To set pos2, do /bw admin <arena name> pos2. pos1 is the bottom corner of the arena and pos2 is the top corner of the arena.


Step 4 - Add teams

Now it’s time to add the teams. To add a team, do /bw admin <arena> team add <team name> <team colour> <team size>.



You must create at least 2 teams.

Step 5 - Set the team spawn

Stand where you would like to have the team spawn. Also look at the direction as the yaw will also be taken into account. Do /bw admin <arena> team spawn <team>.

Step 6 - Set the team beds

Stand on top of the bed and look down on the HEAD of the bed (see image below). Do /bw admin <arena name> team bed <team name>


Step 7 - Add the generators

Go to the place you would like to add a generator at. Stand there and execute this command: /bw admin <arena name> spawner add <resource> <true/false>.

Valid default resources: bronze, iron and gold.

The true/false part of the command means if there should be a hologram (true) or if there should be no hologram (false).

These resources can be changed by going to the config.yml. click here for more.

Step 8 - Add the shops

Now it’s time to add the shops. Stand where you would like your shop entity to be and look forward. Do the following command: /bw admin <arena> store add [name of villager entity] [file with shop] [use main shop]

Example: /bw admin <arena> store add &aStore shop.yml


If you would like to have a different type of store, do the following:

/bw admin <arena> store type <living entity>

This sets entity type of store (Villager, Horse, Cow, etc.).

If you would like to have a player with a skin as the shop keeper, use this command: /bw admin <arena> store type Player:skinname.

Step 9 - Final steps

Add the lobby location for the arena by doing /bw admin <arena> lobby.

Add the spectator location for the arena by doing /bw admin <arena> spec.

Last but not least, remember to save the arena with /bw admin <arena> save.