How To edit resources

Open the config (plugins/BedWars/config.yml) and go down until you find a section called resources. Using Ctrl+F helps you to search for it.

It’s easy to add a new resource into your game/server. Here is an example on how to add emeralds, diamonds, iron and gold.

    material: EMERALD
    color: GREEN
    name: Emerald
    interval: 60
    translate: resource_emerald
    spread: 1.0
    material: DIAMOND
    color: BLUE
    name: Diamond
    interval: 30
    translate: resource_diamond
    spread: 1.0
    material: IRON_INGOT
    color: WHITE
    name: Iron
    interval: 2.5
    translate: resource_iron
    spread: 1.0
    material: GOLD_INGOT
    color: GOLD
    name: Gold
    interval: 8
    translate: res

material: This is the material which is going to be used to represent the resource. e.g APPLE.

color: This is the color of the text of the material. e.g RED. Valid colors are available here.

name: This is the name of the material in-game. e.g Nobba Coin.

interval: This is the amount of seconds that it takes to spawn in the resource. e.g 5. every 5 seconds it will spawn that resource.

translate: This is the translate key that is located in the language file.

spread: This is the spread of the material. e.g 1 spread is going to make it only spawn in a 1x1 area. If the spread is 3, then its going to spawn in a 3x3 area