How to setup the Hypixelify addon

This is an addon to the ScreamingBedWars plugin. It’s main goal is to hypixelify the gameplay elements of the ScreamingBedWars plugin with effortless setup. Currently it depends on PlaceholderAPI and ProtocolLib. Make sure to get both these plugins to ensure smooth gameplay.

Step 1 - Make sure to have ScreamingBedWars

For this addon to work, you will need to have ScreamingBedWars. Click here to see how to install ScreamingBedwars.

Step 2 - Setup the stores

Make sure you have 2 shop entities, namely Store and UpgradeShop. To add these entities in game, you need to do the following commands:

/bw admin (mapname) store add Store shop.yml false

/bw admin (mapname) store add Upgrades upgradeShop.yml false

Step 3 - Add the spawners

If you already have created a map before, reset the spawners by doing /bw admin (mapname) spawner reset, then add in the following resources -> iron, gold, diamond, emerald spawners.

/bw admin (mapname) spawner add iron

/bw admin (mapname) spawner add gold

/bw admin (mapname) spawner add diamond

/bw admin (mapname) spawner add emerald


Always make sure you update SBAHypixelify to the latest version.

If you’re upgrading from an older version of the addon make sure to do /bwaddon upgrade each time you upgrade, this step must not be neglected. Always use the latest stable version of BedWars.