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Visuals API

An API for Minecraft visuals (scoreboards, holograms, ...).


This is the base class of a Minecraft visual. Every other class in this API extends this class.

  • has a unique UUID for identification (can be retrieved with getUuid())
  • has a title (title(Component/ComponentLike))
  • works on a viewer basis (addViewer(PlayerWrapper), removeViewer(PlayerWrapper), getViewers(), clearViewers(), hasViewers(), isVisibleToPlayer(PlayerWrapper))
  • can be shown or hidden (show(), hide(), destroy(), isShown())


A Visual with a fixed location.

  • holds a location (getLocation(), setLocation(LocationHolder))
  • has a specific squared view distance (getViewDistance(), setViewDistance(int))
  • is spawnable (spawn())


A LocatableVisual which can be interacted with by a player.

  • can be touchable (isTouchable(), setTouchable(boolean))
  • interactions with it can have a cooldown (getClickCoolDown(), setClickCoolDown(long))
  • is bound to an entity (hasId(int))


A Visual which can have lines.

getLines(), setLines(...), getLineByIdentifier(String), newLine(...), removeLine(...), replaceLine(...), firstLine(...), bottomLine(...)


A Visual which has a DataContainer bound to it.

getData(), setData(DataContainer), hasData()

Last update: 2022-03-22
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