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Troubleshooting and FAQ

Non-OP players can't use signs

Move the sign out of vanilla spawn protection (for example, if you have the spawn protection in set to 16, move 34 blocks away from spawn location) or change spawn protection to zero. Non-OP players can't do some things in spawn protection.

Bed can't be destroyed

BedWars allows you to use any block as the target block, so you won't see any error when you set it to, for example, floor. So check it, and make you sure you're looking at the bed head when setting the team target block.

Adding a sign

Place a sign and write [BedWars] or [BWGame] (case-sensitive) as the first line, and the name of your arena as the second line. Make sure that your sign is not in range of vanilla's spawn protection.

Automatically coloring a shop item

Use the applycolorbyteam property, for example:

- price: 1
  price-type: bronze
    - name: "applycolorbyteam"
    type: WHITE_WOOL
    amount: 2


See the Upgrades article.

Language file

See the Configuration article.

PlaceholderAPI placeholders

See the Placeholder API article.

Changing the message prefix

Prefix is changeable globally in the language file or per arena with this command: /bw admin <arena> customprefix &6My Awesome Prefix.

Editing resources

See the Configuration article.

Broken shop

Make sure your shop is YAML valid with yamlchecker, has proper materials and format.

Compass teleports the player

Well, you probably have WorldEdit or FastAsyncWorldEdit. The compass is used to teleport through walls. However it works only for people with permission or with OP. You can disable this tool or bound it to another item in WorldEdit configuration. You can also change the team selection item to another one in BedWars configuration.


  • bw.admin
  • bw.otherstats
  • bw.admin.alljoin
  • bw.disable.joinall
  • bw.cmd.join
  • bw.cmd.leave
  • bw.cmd.stats
  • bw.cmd.rejoin
  • bw.cmd.autojoin
  • bw.cmd.list
  • bw.cmd.leaderboard

Last update: 2021-12-03
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