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Troubleshooting and FAQ

Non-OP players cannot use signs

Move the sign out of vanilla spawn protection (for example, if you have the spawn protection in set to 16, move 34 blocks away from spawn location) or change spawn protection to zero. Non-OP players can't do some things in spawn protection.

Position 1 and Position 2

These two positions serve to designate an area to be considered an arena. (such as axe in WorldEdit)

See the Arena

Arena bounds

Bed cannot be destroyed

BedWars allows you to use any block as the target block, so you won't see any error when you set it to, for example, floor. So check it, and make you sure you're looking at the bed head when setting the team target block.

Adding a sign

Place a sign and write [BedWars] or [BWGame] (case-sensitive) as the first line, and the name of your arena as the second line. Make sure that your sign is not in range of vanilla's spawn protection.

Automatically coloring a shop item

Use the applycolorbyteam property, for example:

- price: 1
  price-type: bronze
    - name: "applycolorbyteam"
    type: WHITE_WOOL
    amount: 2


See the Upgrades article.

Language file

See the Configuration article.

PlaceholderAPI placeholders

See the Placeholder API article.

Changing the message prefix

Prefix is changeable globally in the language file or per arena with this command: /bw admin <arena> customprefix &6My Awesome Prefix.

Editing resources

See the Configuration article.

Broken shop

Make sure your shop is YAML valid with yamlchecker, has proper materials and format.

Compass teleports the player

Well, you probably have WorldEdit or FastAsyncWorldEdit. The compass is used to teleport through walls. However it works only for people with permission or with OP. You can disable this tool or bound it to another item in WorldEdit configuration. You can also change the team selection item to another one in BedWars configuration.


  • bw.admin - Allows you to create/edit an arena, reload the plugin and use the cheat command if enabled.
  • - Allows you to start the game using the item. All players will be automatically distributed to teams.
  • - Allows you to join even if the game is full (player without this permission will be kicked).
  • bw.otherstats - Allows you to see stats of other players.
  • bw.admin.alljoin - Allows you to use /bw alljoin command.
  • bw.disable.joinall - Protects you from effects of /bw alljoin command.
  • bw.cmd.join - Allows you to use /bw join command.
  • bw.cmd.leave - Allows you to use /bw leave command.
  • bw.cmd.stats - Allows you to use /bw stats command.
  • bw.cmd.rejoin - Allows you to use /bw rejoin command.
  • bw.cmd.autojoin - Allows you to use /bw autojoin command.
  • bw.cmd.list - Allows you to use /bw list command.
  • bw.cmd.leaderboard - Allows you to use /bw leaderboard command.

Every permission can be prefixed with misat11.. Note that this egoism would eventually be removed in a future major release.

All permissions starting with bw.cmd. are allowed by default even if the permission is not explicitly given. This can be changed in config.yml.

Adding start and respawn items

You can by doing the following

Start game

game-start-items: true


player-respawn-items: true

Villagers do not spawn

Here is some info on how to troubleshoot this error: * Make sure that Mob Spawning is enabled * You are NOT protecting the arena with worldguard * Make sure that NPC's are enabled

Are there any visual/particle effects?

Yes, there are. Check out this page

Changing damage or explosion power of Fireball

Go in your config.yml and there are settings for the Fireball. It is located under specials, it is not that hard to find 😛

Same goes for basically any other special item. 🙂

Setting up the plugin with Bungeecord

  1. Install bedwars on every game server.
  2. Open the config.yml file on every game server and modify bungee.enabled: true , bungee.server: yourBungeeLobbyServerName and true
  3. Setup an arena on every game server.
  4. On your lobby server you should setup some plugin for joining the arena. There are some recommended:
  5. Get BungeeSigns on your lobby server to teleport players to your game servers with signs.
  6. Get SimpleInventories on your lobby server to teleport players to your game server using menus. (You can also use any inventory plugin which supports sending players to other servers)
  7. Configure every game server to your liking.

PvP does not work

Make sure: * It is enabled in MultiVerse (or similar multi-world plugin) and if it is not do /mvm set pvp true <world name>. * WorldGuard does not disallow fighting in the world where the arena is located (if yes do /rg flag <region name> pvp allow); * You have spawn-protection disabled (set it to 0 in

Keep in mind that BedWars does not moderate PvP. If PvP does not work for you, it is caused by a misconfiguration or another plugin. If tips above did not help you, please contact us on our Discord server.

If you have WorldGuard installed, you can also use a command to check which plugin blocks PvP. The command is /wg debug testdamage -t <player_name> and you need a second player to test this out. Click here to read more about this command.

Players regenerate too quickly/swords deal very little damage

That is not a BedWars issue, increase your server's game difficulty (from easy to normal for example).

Changing arena name

First, we will provide no support if you mess this up somehow, arena files are not supposed to be edited by people. 1. Go to your BedWars folder and then to arenas folder. The path should be plugins/BedWars/arenas 2. Open the file you want to change the name 3. First filled is name, enter your new one. The name cannot look like this test arena and always needs to be one string, that means test-arena. The name also must be unique, that means you cannot have two arenas with the same name. 4. Save the file 5. Restart or reload the server

Kicked from server with strange errors

That is not our fault. You are probably using version older than 1.9.4. Nametags, scoreboars and others might be causing that.
We don't support 1.8.x in any way.
If you are still having this error on a newer version, feel free to contact us on our Discord server.

Class version errors

SomeClass has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 55.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 52.0 (unable to load class SomeClass)

This means you are using Java 8 (52.0), but the plugin requires at least Java 11 (55.0), if you want to know how to update, visit this page (It tells you about updating to Java 17 which can run software for Java 11; similar methods can be used for Java 11)

Currently BedWars 0.2.26 does not require Java 11, however the most famous addon SBA requires at least Java 11. New version of BedWars (0.3.0+) will require at least Java 11.

Using no (Norwegian) language

Well, Yaml specification says that literal no means false. To use no as no, you need to cast it to string locale: "no"

Players get disconnected from the bedwars game when they die or players respawn in the arena after reconnecting

A plugin is overriding player spawns on your server, those might include (but not limited to) EssentialsSpawn, WorldGuard, etc. Remove those plugins or disable them in bedwars worlds.

Last update: 2022-11-18